Success Story | STEM Internships at SRR

SRR We love hearing about successful career programs for transitioning service members, like this one from Savannah River Remediation (SRR), one of our certified Palmetto Military Employers.

To quote veteran and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) intern Harry Zane: “My family considers serving in the military a patriotic duty, which is steeped in tradition, helping to shape our family’s integrity,” Zane said. “We hold integrity true, and view it as something not to sell or compromise, and I have found everyone here in the Savannah River Remediation family closely aligns with that concept.”

In addition to the link above, learn more about SRR’s STEM internship program here.

OPE Career Edge | Sonoco Products Company

sonoco-logo-low-res-rgbIn an attempt to help military job seekers transition to a meaningful civilian career, we’ve asked South Carolina hiring managers to share what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate.

Sonoco Products Company in Hartsville is one of several certified Palmetto Military Employers. Thanks to Corporate Recruiter Erica Ballenger for taking time to answer our questions!

Q: As an HR professional: what’s the number one soft skill you’re looking for, and why?
Interpersonal communication skills. Individually or as part of a group, knowing how to effectively communicate with others is key to professional and personal success.

Q: What do you wish potential candidates understood about the hiring process? 

Make your resume presentable, and ensure it is accurate and correct. Review the job description and match your resume to relevant information on the job description. Use key words. We typically take 2-3 seconds to review a resume, and can narrow down the candidate pool pretty quickly if those key words are missing on paper.

 Q: Why are military hires important to you, and what value do they bring to the workplace?

Candidates with a military background typically have a strong work ethic, provide stability, excellent leadership skills and the ability to train and promote. They are able to jump in quickly due to their military training and technical skills. They bring increased accountability to our workforce.

 Q: What positions are you hiring for right now, and where?

Production Supervisors, Production Managers and Maintenance Managers throughout the United States. Review available positions and apply here.

 Q: What are your favorite interview questions, and what type of answers are you looking for?

What are your career goals? The answer depends on the job, but we want individuals striving to move forward in their careers, ready to pursue the next opportunity. Also: Why did you choose your career/education?

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