4 Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in 2015

2015 startWe’re officially one week into a brand new year.  If you’re unemployed, underemployed, or looking to transition or make a change in your civilian career, here’s the good news: January is a great time to ramp up your job search!

This article from Money.com (which we found it on Twitter via @GoodwillNWNC) outlines four strategies to find the job you want in 2015. You’ll also find a link to CareerBuilder‘s annual job forecast (the best outlook since 2006!), including a list of the hottest industries hiring right now.

Need additional help to find a new job? Contact the OPE Employment Advisor in your area for one-on-one career placement services that include resume assessment, job leads, referrals to relevant education and training programs and more. In January and all year long, we’re here and ready to help!