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A statewide initiative launched by Governor Nikki Haley and supported by the SC National Guard and the SC Department of Employment and Workforce, Operation Palmetto Employment is a commitment to help our service members, family members and veterans find meaningful civilian careers.

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resume improvments

How to improve your resume in 3 easy steps

Writing a resume is one of the things that many people dread. Their concept of resume writing comes from stale, outdated textbooks and English classes in high school and college. They have the myths of resume writing drilled into their head so deep that they are afraid to make any changes that break … Read More

get to work

Out of Work? Think Again.

You’ve lost your job – for whatever reason – and now you think of yourself as "out of work." Don’t get stuck in that mindset! The truth is that you may be out of a paying job, but you’re not out of work (unless you’re retiring). Indeed, your work is just beginning.  Welcome to your new job You … Read More

uncle sam

How to Land a Federal Job

You’ve probably heard that federal agencies give some hiring preferences to veterans. But did you know: ■ That some positions are awarded to vets noncompetitively — i.e., they’re not publicly listed for nonvets? ■ That résumés submitted to federal agencies should be different from those … Read More

job interview picture

How to Perfect an Interview [Top 8 Ps]

Acing an interview is not an easy task. You’re trying to present yourself as the most desirable candidate and beat out all the rest. In addition to competing against a group of strangers, you also have to plead your case to a stranger. It seems the only known reliable factor of success is YOU. … Read More

Introverts Awesome

Making the First Impression Count: 5 Interviewing Tips for Introverts

Ten seconds: that might be all you have to make a strong first impression and secure the job you’re interviewing for. As an introvert, interviews might terrify you to start with, so all that emphasis on first impressions might make you want to feign sickness. But don’t fear! You probably already … Read More

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